Chest Specialist

Departments of TB & CHEST @ KCMH

Chest Specialist Departments Generally referred to Pulmonology, Pulmonology is considered a branch of internal medicine, and is related to intensive care medicine. Pulmonology often involves managing patients who need life support and mechanical ventilation. Pulmonologists are specially trained in diseases and conditions of the chest, particularly pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, and complicated chest infections.

We are provides the specialization in treatment of Pulmonary Diseases like Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Lung Cancer , Sleep Disordered Breathing, Allergic Cough and other Pulmonary Disorders such as Atelectasis, Sarcoidosis, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis in our clinic by expert.

Patient Testimonials

Kamla Clinic & Maternity Home is a good clinic in our town , I have visited there and found good needed facility for a child & mother care.
- Visitors, KCMH