Dr. Kamla Devi Sharma, AMBS

   Founder of KCMH
   Specialist Obst / Gynaecology
   Ret. Lect. State Govt. Ayurvedic
   College, Atarra, Dist: Banda (U.P.)

Message from Founder of the hospital Dr. Kamla Devi Sharma, AMBS

Late Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma, AMBS

(Co-Founder of KCMH)  Since - 1950

  My primary education started at Darjeeling, Indore, Varanasi and completed ayurvedic medical graduation at Ayurvedic Medical college Jhansi in   1961 by inspiration of my uncle Dr. Radha krishnan Parashar principal and dean ayurvedic colleges, I had joined rural area ayurvedic medical   college at atarra in 1962 as a lecturer in gynecology and obstetrics and got retired in 1995 as a HOD of gyn & obs.

  I had started a medical clinic at Atarra in 1982 and used to provide maternity and general health services to the community. I was married to Dr. Bal   Krishna Sharma in 1950. He also help me a lot in providing medical services and other health activities favouring community. When We have good   wishes for our patients and society then we can provide more favourable services to the mankind. In progress of clinic my son Dr. Rajesh Sharma   BAMS, CCH and my daughter in law Dr. Mrudula Sharma BAMS, CGO also providing health services since 1999 with high tech diagnostic facilities   e.g. ultrasonography pathology lab maternity services and immunization to children and pregnant woman's in the success and progression of   medical services also started under the umbrella of Almighty God. I have started nursing home and providing Minor surgical services with the help   of Dr. V.P. Shukla MBBS DTDC trained in Abdominal Tubectomy, Minilap,Laparoscopic Ligation. And also trained in advanced & Inteventional   Bronchoscopy from Imperial college London. I am serving and providing medical services with doctors team. Special thanks to public of Atarra and   near by villages for support and co-operation.

  Now I am Glad that we found a good facilitated clinic in our region named Kamla Clinic & Maternity Home(Past Was: Kamla Nursing Home) that   results has arrived by hard working of Dr.   Rajesh Sharma & Dr. Mradula Sharma Now I visit the clinic devotedly every day to meet the patients, enquire about their needs and ensure that they are comfortable and they received   adequate treatment. I would pay particular attention to the poor and the needy to provide best treatment.